Welcome to Åstorp Municipality

We are delighted to welcome you as a new resident in Åstorp municipality and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy it here. You are always welcome to contact us at Åstorp municipality if there is anything you are wondering about or need help with, we are here for you and at your service.

For information in other languages

All the information on our website is available through our translate-function that operates through Google Translate. Here you can translate to any language of your choice. You will find the translate option at the top of the page along with our e-service portal. The first symbol with the computer icon directs you to our e-services. The globe icon is our translate service, click on that and you will be redirected to Google translate where you can choose your desired language. See picture below:

Toppmenyn på hemsidan

Åstorp is where the beautiful Söderåsen begins – here you will live surrounded by beautiful nature, with great connections to Helsingborg and other cities within the Öresund region. Åstorp offers an inviting community with plenty of recreational activities, good preschools and schools in all four of our urban areas which are central Åstorp, Nyvång, Hyllinge and Kvidinge.

Here at astorp.se you can read more about our municipality and find information about upcoming events and popular destinations to visit as well. At astorp.se you can also access our e-services where you can apply for a buildings permit, apply for preschool placement and leave feedback regarding our different operations and several other things.

Astorp.se is continuosly updated with news regarding happenings in our municipality. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You are more than welcome to follow us to keep up with what is going on in your new hometown.

Welcome to Åstorp!


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